Thursday, May 6, 2010


Linny over at is doing another one of her awesome Crazy Love challeneges. 
This time, I am not posting with a need or even in participation.. I am posting becuase I found some AWESOME stuff!  The posts were all from people who are in the midst of fudnraising for adoptions, and posted what they are selling in order to raise the needed funds.  Some of the stuff is sooo super cool.. you have to check it out!!

Seriously... check it out.  How awesome would it be if you bought the birthday boy or girl a gift that helps unite an orphan with their forever family?  The meaning and care and love behind such a gift would mean more to me than ANY other gift!!  How about an anniversary or wedding present?  Even a baby shower present.  Seriously.  James 1:27 in a WHOLE NEW WAY!! I LOVE IT!!!

I am buying a few things tomorrow.. when I get them I will be posting about them, and sharing links for them!!
One I LOVE is one I cant really afford right now, but Im hoping to get one soon.  They are soo awesome.. check em out!!


  1. I love this challenge! You are right...such great stuff for an amazing cause!! Oh, and that piece of artwork....I so badly want one, too!! Just not quite in the budget...maybe soon. :)

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Dana!!



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